So You want to Start Selling Pot Online?

In Canada, if you are a Licensed Producer or licensed under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) to cultivate medical marijuana then you’re probably already weighing your options for E-Commerce solutions for Cannabis. The next step in growing your business is to find a solution that has all of the features you want with no hassles.

In all truth, starting an ecommerce business is really tough and requires a lot of hard work. You need to follow the correct processes and make the right decisions at the right times in order to stand out and be seen.

Let’s dive into what it takes to build, launch and grow a profitable cannabis online store. If you are a grower, dispensary owner, or brand creator please pay attention.

Step 1: Choose a product

The first step is understanding and being knowledgeable about the products that you want to sell. If you are a grower or manufacturer then you probably already know what strains or extracts you know to develop. Stick to your strengths and hit a homerun.

If you have not taken that first step of committing to a product then do your research and see what is trending. Follow it up by evaluating your idea using tools like Google Keyword research.

Step 2: Research & Prepare

Write your business plan and research your competition. When it comes to the cannabis industry, it is so young and ready for the taking that businesses that are first to market will have a very big lead on everyone else when it comes to attaining customers.

Step 3: Setup and Launch your business

Name your business, create a logo, understand search engine optimization (SEO) and build your store!

When it comes to naming your business make sure that you choose something that has an available domain. For example, Debby’s Delicious Edibles might sound and feel like the best business name ever but if someone already has that domain name then you’ll need to come up with something else.  Once you have your name, create a logo that is eye catching and effective – your logo is your brand’s unique signature.

Lastly, learn and research SEO so that you can optimize your site for any search engine… especially Google. With global regulations taking precedence over local legislature, cannabis brands are not able to use paid advertising or push marketing tactics. You will need to get creative with how to get noticed!