Starting your very own Marijuana eCommerce Website.

Finding e-commerce solutions for Cannabis can seem like a very daunting task because, well to put it simply, they have not existed in the past!

Due to overarching laws, existing e-commerce platforms are not allowed to host cannabis businesses on their site. Even the leading Licensed Producer in Canada – Canopy – was turned down by one of the biggest banks in the world, The Royal Bank of Canada. If a bank won’t approve you then platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, and Squarespace sure won’t approve you either. Why? because they need to keep the governing bodies happy.

The Cannabis industry is so young that existing eCommerce solutions don’t need to take the risk of hosting niche companies. When you have over 300,000 online stores using your sofrware you’re not too worries about 500 that could destroy your public persona.

As a motivated entrepreneur, what you should be looking for in a cannabis software are features like an online shop, an optimized shopping cart tool, inventory management, product delivery tracking, and live chat functions for optimal customer service.

It is also very important to show social proof. We all know social proof can really help with conversions. The best way to do this is to implement reviews at the right time. If you are first starting out, do not add reviews. You will make mistakes and you will go through growing pains which means you will piss off some customers. This is totally fair and nothing to worry about but you don’t want those customers to publicly announce their dissatisfaction when you’re first starting out. Hold off on the reviews until you have your feet beneath you and some excellent customers who have nothing but positive things to say about your business.

You will get there!!!